Künftige Form der Europäischen Integration

Helmut Scholz in der Debatte über Umsetzung der Bestimmungen des Vertrags über die Unionsbürgerschaft, die Verstärkte Zusammenarbeit, die Befugnisse des Parlaments und anderen Punkten

Helmut Scholz, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group. 

– Mr President, this joint debate covers several important themes dedicated to the current and future shaping of European integration. The functioning of the EU, serving the interests and the daily problems of people in all the 28 Member States of the European Union is in focus, and here we have the red line between fundamental rights to political control over the Commission. And indeed, colleague Bresso, the Council should not be left out.

Thanks to the rapporteurs for their input, ideas and to all colleagues working on them. Let me stress one central challenge to all these various themes and, in particular, those reports dedicated to future development on enhanced cooperation, as well as the one increasing the control of Commission. We have not only to underpin our ambition to give a strong statement that this Parliament wants to be a greater player in the European Union political framework.

Thus I call on Parliament to take the opportunity of the new term and the incoming Commission to make full use of its prerogatives and tools to strengthen its position as a major player for the next five years. Including a stronger political will to use existing tools can significantly enhance Parliament’s weight and role vis-à-vis the Commission.

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Aus dem Protokoll der Sitzung am 11. Februar in Strasbourg; „Umsetzung der Bestimmungen des Vertrags über die Unionsbürgerschaft – Umsetzung der Bestimmungen des Vertrags über die Verstärkte Zusammenarbeit – Umsetzung der Bestimmungen des Vertrags über die Befugnisse des Parlaments zur politischen Kontrolle der Kommission – Umsetzung der Charta der Grundrechte der Europäischen Union im institutionellen Gefüge der EU (Aussprache)“