Presseschau: The EU readies itself for war with Putin

22. November 2016


The EU readies itself for war with Putin

The british newspaper Daily Mail covers the plenary debate in Strasbourg on the report on the Implementation of the Common Security and Defence Policy:

„Mr Paet said there are occasions when armed forces might want to fly the EU flag, rather than the NATO standard. He pointed out recent French-led operations in the Central African Republic and Mali. 

But his report was criticised by Sabine Lösing, from the Left-wing Die Linke party in Germany, and Takis Hadjigeorgiou, of Akel, the former communist party in Cyprus.

They argued the EU should not be allocating any of its budget towards defence spending. 

A source in Strasbourg told Mail Online: ‚This agenda is being pushed by Poland and the Baltic states but the French and German governments are in the driving seat.

‚Britain, and especially the Tories, had always blocked EU co-operation on defence but now, with Brexit, that brake is going and they are pushing this forward.'“

The full text article is to be found on the webpage of the Daily Mail.