Presseschau: Ausbeutung von Arbeitnehmerinnen und Arbeitnehmern aus Nordkorea

10. März 2016


Leisure Clothing denies German MEP’s claims of ‚extreme forms‘ of exploitation

„The Board of Directors and Management of Leisure Clothing Ltd have denied allegations made against them, after German MEP and Chair of the EU Parliamentary Committee on Employment and Social Affairs Thomas Handel drew attention to the alleged exploitation of North Korean workers in Malta, sending letters to a number of EU agencies.

The article refers to a letter sent by the German MEP Thomas Handel send to the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights in which he reported what he termed “extreme forms” of exploitation of North Korean workers in Malta.

The article also makes reference to the project “Facing Finance” and quotes the German Radio channel Deutschlandfunk as stating “Vietnamese, Chinese and North Korean workers are being exploited in a Malta textile factory ‘Leisure Clothing’…“

The full text article can be found on the webpage of the Malta Independent.


3. März 2016

THE CHOSUN (Südkorea)

China Halts Remittances to N.Korea (BBC-Meldung)

„…Thomas Händel, the chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, said North Korean workers are suffering from „extreme forms“ of exploitation in member state Malta.

„Such forms of exploitation are shocking and cannot be tolerated in the European Union,“ he added.

Händel recently wrote to the International Labor Organization and human rights and labor agencies of the European Union, calling for action against the exploitation.

About 50,000 North Koreans earn hard currency for the regime around the world. Some 1,000 work in the EU, 93 of them in a Chinese-owned factory in Malta, the Telegraph reported quoting the European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea…“

Der vollständige Artikel ist bei online abrufbar.