Presseschau: Moscovici im Steuer-Sonderausschuss

Fabio De Masis Statement in der Anhörung von Finanz- und Wirtschaftskommissar Pierre Moscovici im Sonderausschuss für Steuerdumping wird in der Presse aufgegriffen.

The Parliament Magazine, 31.03.2015

“ […] Some parliamentarians expressed scepticism about the commission’s tax transparency proposals. GUE/NGL ECON committee member Fabio De Masi highlighted that rules on the spontaneous exchange of information „have been in place for 38 years and the commission has done nothing“.

He added that „we simply don’t trust finance ministers to not cover things up, as they have done in the past“ and cited the example of the Lagarde list. […] „

Der Artikel „MEPs unconvinced by commission’s ‚revolutionary‘ EU tax transparency proposal“ von James O’Brien ist online vollständig abrufbar.