Trump not welcome: war is no solution to world problems

President Donald Trump has escalated his divisive and warmongering rhetoric ahead of the NATO summit this week. His calls on European countries to increase defence spending to 2% of GDP are misguided.

They ignore foremost that NATO is a stale organisation. It was not fit for purpose when founded in 1949, fuelling an arms race that pushed the world to brink of nuclear war. It is past its shelf life now, with its illegal military interventions – from Afghanistan to Libya – and renewed confrontation with Russia.

Trump is overlooking what is a de facto increase in military spending at EU level and the new Fortress Europe paradigm. Europe is dangerously moving towards a military union, with the establishment of a European Defence Fund, and joint military forces to police Europe’s borders.

While in apparent collision, Trump’s agenda and the agenda of far-right European governments, are one. They are bent on destroying the post-WWII rule-based multilateral order. They favour military confrontation over dialogue. They fuel the rise of extremist nationalism and hateful rhetoric.

We have witnessed such scenarios in history and what results they bring. An emerging arms race will lead to more war, with a catastrophic human cost. Already globally, we are witnessing a refugee crisis that is consequence of these wars. More money for arms means less money for social welfare, jobs and the economy.

At this historic junction, the Left calls for the politics of unity and cooperation. We call for an end to NATO and a global drive for social justice, the fight against poverty and for fairer trade. Trump is not welcome. Alongside the social movement, we will resist.

Make Peace Great Again!