Online petition launched to uphold democracy and pluralism at EU Parliament

Members of the European Parliament are due to vote on a report by Richard Corbett MEP on the revision of the Rules of Procedure this coming Tuesday which, if approved, will have severe ramifications for the democratic rights, pluralism and transparency of the EU’s only directly-elected body. 

This comes as the Parliament is due to elect a new president to replace Martin Schulz in January. That contest is already in danger of being yet another pre-negotiated carve-up between the two big power blocs in the Parliament – the so-called ‘grand coalition’ between the EPP and S&D – in order to exclude the smaller political groups from the democratic process. 

GUE/NGL members have launched an online petition calling for increased democracy, pluralism and transparency at the European Parliament. For further information and to add your signature, the link can be found here:



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