Presseschau: Battle royale over top ‘Juncker Plan’ posts

Shouting matches, rogue hearings and finger-pointing cloud the appointment process.

„…Fabio de Masi, a German MEP from the left-wing European United Left/Nordic Green Left grouping, said that unlike other applicants, Carano spoke frankly about problems which had been identified and how he would address them. “For me, it was purely a decision based on [Carano] being the one most willing to address the concerns of Parliament,” de Masi said.

De Masi said he has never supported the Juncker Plan and, while being of Italian descent, he opposed the Italian government of Matteo Renzi and had little in common with the Italian center-left in the European Parliament — which includes Gualtieri. However, he said Carano was both “knowledgeable and determined that it should not be business as usual” and he clearly won over the MEPs who heard him speak…“

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