Die Kapitalmarktunion (Capital Market Union CMU)

„…Fabio De Masi (GUE/NGL), another supporter of Glass-Steagall, also blasted the CMU plan. Both the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and Alan Greenspan have warned about new financial crises. „The EU Commission will re-open the gambling house with the Capital Market Union. Banks and Insurances should invest in the infrastructure. Costs should be paid by taxpayers. The securitization industry — i.e. the packaging of junk loans — should be revived, this time instead of American mortgages, perhaps with European car loans. Volkswagen teaches us a lesson.

„Europe needs serious banks instead of gambling shops which are too big to fail. Therefore we should finally do our homework in the matter of bank structural reforms, as well as of a public investment program.“…“

Der vollständige Artikel „Glass-Steagall Pushed in European Parliament Debate on Capital Market Union“ ist auf der Seite larouchepac.com abrufbar.