Ten years of LUX FILM PRIZE celebrated by GUE/NGL MEPs

A series of events has taken place at the European Parliament today in honour of the 10th anniversary of the LUX FILM PRIZE.

Curzio Maltese MEP, GUE/NGL’s Coordinator on the Committee on Culture and Education said:

“European cinema is essential in understanding the many challenges currently facing our society. I am honoured to have the opportunity to participate in the discussion organised by the CULT Committee with inspiring filmmakers such as Mr Ken Loach, Ms Céline Sciamma and Mr Andrea Segre”.

The Italian MEP also hosted the first screening of A Syrian Love Story at the European Parliament in November 2015. The film itself is amongst ten which have been nominated for this year’s LUX FILM PRIZE.

“I am very pleased that Sean McAllister’s film was shortlisted by the jury for the LUX FILM PRIZE. By portraying a family going through its most complex and existential moments, the director managed to address two of the major issues of our time: Syria under Bashar al-Assad’s regime and the lives of refugees in Europe,” added Curzio.

German MEP, Martina Michels, a substitute on the CULT Committee, was equally delighted with the milestone reached by the film event:

“Ten years of LUX FILM PRIZE is a very special occasion. It demonstrates both the exceptional nature of sensitive and sometimes controversial subjects through art house cinema which can reach out to audiences across cultural and linguistic divides.”

“Furthermore, the prize is a reminder and incentive that funding for filmmaking within Europe and beyond needs a stable infrastructure which can’t just be dreamt up by politicians and parliaments alone,“ concluded Michels.


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