Press Review: Tax Haven Malta

Fabio De Masi about the tax haven Malta

13. September 2016


„[…] The vice-chair of the European Parliament’s Panama Papers committee, Fabio de Masi, was categorical in his description of Malta as a tax haven.

“I do think that Malta plays a significant role in aggressive tax planning as Malta’s imputation tax ‘fits nicely‘ with artificial interest or royalty payments. While Malta is undoubtedly a beautiful spot under the sun, the sheer amount of financial flows passing through Malta does not correspond to its genuine economic substance,” De Masi, a German MEP for the Left Party, said Eurodad – the European Network on Debt and Development – was also critical of Malta’s tax system. [….]

“Malta is not only a tax haven,” German MEP Fabio de Masi says. “But experience tells us that the imputation scheme with a generous tax refund is the perfect tool to also launder criminal money. […]“

The article was published in Malta Today on 13.09.2016, page 4