GUE/NGL President condemns Orlando nightclub massacre

Following Sunday’s massacre at the nightclub in Orlando, the GUE/NGL group has expressed its deepest condolences to the victims, their families and friends.

Group President Gabi Zimmer said, “We are profoundly shocked and very saddened to learn of the killings of innocent civilians enjoying a night out just like any young people.”

“By deliberately targeting a minority group due to their sexual orientation is a heinous crime and we strongly condemn such an act of violence against defenseless people,” Zimmer continued.

“We urge politicians involved in the ongoing presidential campaign not to exploit this terrorist attack by scapegoating minority groups for their own political gains and further polarise an increasingly divided country.”

“Instead, we must work together to tackle the root causes of terrorism and hate crimes and to defend an open and tolerant society for those with a different point of view or lifestyle.”

“We must stand firm against totalitarian ideas, growing racism, hatred against LGBTQI and Muslims,” she concluded.