Presseschau: Ermittlungen gegen Draghi

Die europäische Bürgerbeauftragte ermittelt gegen den EZB-Chef Mario Draghi

Die europäische Bürgerbeauftragte Emily O’Reilly die Ermittlungen gegen den EZB-Chef Mario Draghi wegen seiner Mitgliedschaft in der Group of 30, einer privaten Bankenlobbygruppe, wieder aufgenommen. Fabio De Masi hatte im Vorfeld, wie auch die NGO Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) eine Beschwerde eingereicht (Mehr dazu hier). 




Morning Exchange, by Francesco Guerrera

„[…] DRAGHI TO BE INVESTIGATED BY WATCHDOG: Fiona again: Fabio De Masi, a German member of the European United Left, has welcomed news that the European Ombudsman will investigate Mario Draghi’s connection with private-sector bankers. Emily O’Reilly said she would look into the president of the European Central Bank head’s membership in the G30, a group of prominent central bankers, economists and senior bankers, some of which are supervised by the ECB. It follows a complaint from NGO Corporate Europe Observatory, which claims it amounts to a conflict of interest and poses a risk to the ECB’s integrity.

MEP De Masi told M.E. that Draghi’s membership in the G30 is ‚highly problematic‘, and said he has raised several similar complaints in the past. As recently as January 11, 2017, he wrote to O’Reilly, citing concerns that Draghi might be giving participants from the private sector privileged information about the economy and policy options behind closed doors, and argued that the ECB should establish safeguards. Before this letter, he had asked a number of questions to Draghi through the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. Draghi responded to De Masi in an October 2015 letter. He denied any concerns and referred to a previous decision made by the Ombudsman in 2012 to not look into the matter.


The article was published on Politico morning Exchange 23/01/2017