Presseschau: „EIB: From bad banking to good banking“

Artikel von Fabio De Masi bei, 21.04.2015

„Banks are like magicians: they can perform economic miracles by creating money out of thin air, funding long-term investment and generating income for enterprises and workers. Or they can cause massive destruction by fuelling speculation and promoting bad investments, leading taxpayers to foot the bill when the bubbles burst.

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has a vast potential to revive European economies and steer them towards social and ecological change by funding smart public investment. Such a New Deal is much needed after the financial crisis and disastrous austerity have killed investment appetite through depression and negative economic expectations. To live up to its potential, however, the EIB has to alter its course in a number of areas. […]

EU institutions and governments should reckon that economic transformation is not just a matter of throwing money at a problem. It rather requires good governance, responsible finance, fair taxation and a sustainable vision for the future. It is therefore their responsibility to enhance the democratisation of the European Investment Bank so that it truly benefits European citizens.“

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