GUE/NGL denounces Tallinn whitewash event as insult to European historic memory

We strongly condemn the organisation by the Estonian Presidency of the EU of a ministerial meeting under the title “The Heritage in 21st Century Europe of the Crimes Committed by Communist Regimes” on the 23rd of August in Tallinn.
At a time when the far-right and neo-Nazis are taking advantage of the failures of EU policies, equating Nazism with Communism is historically false, dangerous and unacceptable. Moreover, the fact that the Estonian government chose to focus on “Communist crimes” clearly shows an intent to use the institution of the rotating EU Presidency for ideological purposes.
We call on the EU Presidency to cancel this historically and politically biased ministerial event that is unacceptable under EU norms. We urge the Ministers of Justice of EU member states, especially those of progressive orientation, to boycott the event as the Greek government already did.
This type of event undermine political dialogue and co-existence in Europe and is an insult to the historic memory of the European people.

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